Frequently Asked Questions

→How do I order a custom sticker?

To order a custom sticker, head to our contact us page.

We will need a size (at the very least, an estimate of the width), colour, quantity & design. If you're unsure, we are more than happy to help share some of our ideas & recommendations. 

→ How long does postage take?

Turnaround time for custom orders do vary. This will be made clear before you pay.
As for all website orders, they are processed within 1-2 business days. Once your decals have left us, it is up to Australia Post to deliver the decals to you in a timely manner. Please check the coronavirus page for the up to date postage information.

Don't hesitate to message us if you're worried your order is lost, we will always investigate orders that have not arrived when they should have.

→Is there tracking for my order?

Only larger orders are tracked, all postage is standard posted unless requested before purchase. We do express but we need to know in advance and when the due date is so we can ensure your order arrives on time. Please contact us prior to purchasing so we can arrange this.

→ Can I pickup my order with cash?

Sorry but - absolutely not. Not only is there a pandemic at the moment, but due to time wasters it is no longer an option like it once was. I do apologise for those who are punctual but too much time and material has been wasted on no show's.

→ What file formats do you accept for design submissions?

PNG, PDF, most formats aside from JPG - keep in mind, the lower quality your design, the worse the final product will look. We will refuse poor quality designs for this reason.

→ Do promo codes apply to custom orders?

No, sorry! My prices are as cheap as what they can get, for the quality of the material used.

→ My order arrived damaged/wet/incorrect/ did not arrive!

This is not a common circumstance but if this does happen to you, please contact us immediately! We will work together to fix this ASAP. If there are any defects with your order, please don't throw anything away, keep it, take photos, videos, send everything through to us, as more often than not the issues in applying are minor user errors that we can guide you through.

Keep in mind if the transfer tape does come wrinkled, this wont affect the final product as the vinyl underneath is most likely still straight.

→ Sponsor me pls?

Sorry guys, yes this was offered in the past - at the moment we are too busy to set any more sponsorships up. Maybe in the future.